Phase I Attack

According to Dukan, “to succeed” is the most important goal to achieve at the very beginning of his diet. This means the first few days on the Dukan Diet are to be backed up with a good plan that can be carried out with precision. Since the food list is already in place, we don’t need to care about the first stage’s menu. The only thing we must do before proceeding is to wisely choose the duration of the Attack Phase.

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The Dukan Diet plan can be executed in many different ways depending on many factors (such as: you basal weight, your goal, your age, you medical condition, your genetic predisposition towards obesity etc.) Nevertheless, the Dukan Diet always starts with the Attack Phase that is based on a strict protein menu. The Attack Phase is to provide a strong psychological impetus and an effect of ‘metabolic surprise’ that results in a rapid and motivating weight loss.

This article is a detailed description of the Dukan Diet Phase I menu. If you seek information on the duration of the Attack Phase click here. I also recommend downloading my Attack Phase Memento Printable PDF which is a free, printable, 1-page recap of the Dukan Diet Attack Phase rules and menu.

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Vegetables in Dukan Diet Attack Phase

November 8, 2011

Phase I is about limiting food to just protein. The ultimate sources for this nutrient are foods of animal origin so there isn’t much place for vegetables here. Nonetheless, eating dairy, meat or fish can, and should be, varied. There is a number of vegetables that, if used as condiments, will add variety to the […]

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